PC Pricing

How much does PC time cost?

Here is our standard pricing structure. The per hour costs reflect topping up your account – you do not have to use all the time at once, so for instance if you buy 5 hours of time – you could visit one day and use 1 hour, another 2 hours another day, 1 hour another day. 

We do not set any expiry on account time, so you can buy in advance and use it over days, weeks or months.

Additionally, we offer day passes – these give a cheaper rate but expire at the end of opening hours on that day and can’t be carried forward, but they’re a cheap way if you want an afternoon / early evening full of gaming.

Account Top Ups

1 Hour£4.00
3 Hours£11.00
5 Hours£18.00
10 Hours£34.00

Day Passes

Afternoon Day pass on Mon-Sat£13.50 (open 12:00-18:00 so up to 6 hours)
Long Day pass on Fri / Sat£20.00 (open 10:00-20:00 so up to 10 hours)

Events / Tournaments

Events / TournamentsFixed price per evening event – will be shown on advert

Pricing is for use of our PC and is per person (eg the discounted rates for higher hours can only be applied to one users account). 

Where applicable, this does include access to some games (see our installed games page which details house licenses that you are given access to), but some titles may require you to set up an account. We would encourage that you do this in your own time (and most can be registered on a smartphone) so that you get the best value from your time.

We are available to help you log in and get gaming, although understand that time lost due to user issues (forgotten passwords / account details) are not our responsibility, so do make sure you know your sign-in details for games you want to play prior to arriving.

Can I just turn up?

Generally, yes – we should have a space free most times or soon. Check the Opening Hours / Calendar page first.

Do you offer advance bookings?

If you want to book time during opening hours in advance, use the Book Time page to pre-pay and reserve spaces.

We will reply by email to confirm your spaces are reserved and mark the relevant number of PCs off-limits prior to your arrival.

As advised on this email, please make sure to turn up prior to the time you have booked.

If you can no longer make it, or your numbers change, please reply to our booking message saying so as soon as possible – providing you do so in advance of your time booked, we’ll be able to reschedule for you.

No-shows are not refundable.

Can I book the room for a private event?

Sure, you can have exclusive use of the room at selected times of the week.

This is possible on selected weekday evenings and on Sundays – check the calendar for availability and use the GamingGrid contact form to request setting up an event.

Pricing structure for out of hours / private events is based on booking the room rather than per person, this is offered at two rates – self-serving or a party event. Both of these provide access to all 10 PC spaces.

Self-serve event is basically for a group to have exclusive use of the room for an evening or Sunday, and suits players that want to play a couple of specific games and are happy to organise joining online servers and looking after their group themselves.

A managed / party event is where our staff organise custom games and provide a structure for the day with introductions and explanations to each game, and are on-hand to provide as on-going support to all participants. This is recommended for birthday parties, and an ideal event would be 3 or 4 hours length. The time charged is based on gaming time, and we allow extra time for arrivals and lunch. Typically to allow for arrivals, setup and lunch, we would expect 3 hours of gaming time to last 4 hours, but the cost would still be 3 x £40 (£120) for this.

Self-Serve Event£27.50 per hour
Managed Event / Party£40.00 per hour

At present we don’t offer catering, but you’re welcome to bring your own party food + drinks, we’ll set out a table for this. Note that as per our terms of use, food and drink cannot be consumed at the PC spaces, but we have separate seating and table areas suited to this. A 20-30 minute break during an event is encouraged anyway for comfort, and this does not deplete your gaming account time.